Brownie with walnuts

  • Ingredients

    200 gr of dark chocolate in bars, chopped.

    100 gr of sugar.

    100 gr of butter.

    70 gr of wheat flour.

    3 eggs.

    70 gr of peeled walnuts.

    A pinch of salt (optional).

    2 tablespoons of chocolate drops or chips (optional).

    20 gr. icing sugar for garnish

Brownie with walnuts


1.Put half of the peeled walnuts in a bowl and chop them. Reserve separately.

2.Undo the chocolate in the bain-marie and add the rest of the walnuts that we will have chopped.

Also reserve it in a separate container.

3.Mix the eggs and sugar, add the chocolate and butter to the mixture of chocolate and nuts.

4.Add the flour and a pinch of salt to the whole mixture.

5.Incorporate the chocolate drops and mix everything well

6.So that the brownie does not stick, cover the mold you are going to use with greaseproof paper, it is the most recommended.

7.Pour the mixture into the mold and decorate on top with the other half of the walnuts that we had reserved, ideally, they should be in halves or quarters.

8.Insert the mold in the oven heated to 180º at medium height and bake it for 15-20 minutes so that it is moist inside, but with the upper layer slightly crispy.

To check if it is ready, in addition to the fact that the top layer must be somewhat cracked, insert a toothpick and if it comes out stained it is time to remove it if you want it wet (if it comes out very very stained maybe you can wait a few more minutes) clean it out quickly so it does not dry out.

9.Remove the brownie from the oven and let it cool for about 10 minutes in the pan. Remove it from the mold, wait for it to cool completely and you can serve it. Garnish with a little icing sugar.


1 hour