They provide so many quality nutrients that the Romans called them 'Jupiter's glands' Its name in Greek means seed of God. Such an appellation can already serve as a warning about the high esteem that has always been of walnuts. Legend has it that Alexander the Great introduced the walnut fruit from Persia to Greece.

A new 'viagra' arrives, but it is natural and it is in the supermarket It is not blue, nor in pill form, the new 'viagra' comes in the form of nuts. Albert Salas-Huetos, co-main author of the work, explains to Alimente: "This is the first study of these characteristics and, therefore, it is very important to open the door to future trials". Experts from the Center for Biomedical Research Network on the Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition, belonging to the Human Nutrition Unit of the (...)

Following a balanced diet for college, high school, or other educational students is vital. Through food we enjoy, we share family moments, but above all we nourish ourselves. Food goes far beyond the mere fact of satiating hunger. How we eat will affect our performance and our health, and these factors are key in a […]