Apple strudel

  • Ingredients

    6 acid and sweet golden apples

    150 Gr butter

    150 Gr brown sugar

    100 Gr raisins corinth

    125 Ml hot rum

    100 Gr crunched walnuts

    Orange zest and grated orange peel

    Cinnamon stick

    6 sheets of filo dough

Apple strudel


1. Chop and peel the apples and put in a pan with the juice and orange zest, the sugar and the butter- add the cinnamon stick and cook until they are al dente-

2. Heat the rum and put the raisins to blanch. chop the walnuts. Cool everything.

3. On a baking sheet put greaseproof paper and add the filo dough with butter

4.Put the stuffing with raisins and walnuts all drained, rolling the plates until they form a roll.

5. Melt the last edge with butter and make a few cuts in the loin to let it breathe. And put in the oven previously heated to 200 degrees and lower to 180 for 30 - 40 minutes depending on the oven.

6. When it is crispy it is ready. Serve with creme anglaise or vanilla ice cream.

2 hours approximately